At EEEMM Investment, we can advise on exchange of property component or whole transactions, within a wide range of options that are recognized as the most suitable for you with the utmost goal of preserving and increasing value. Our team of experience advisors can assess your specific situation and needs and help you in exchanging your property, by performing valuation of your property.

Our team can assist you in comprehensively evaluating your real estate property and provide you with efficient assistance in loan reviews and collateral assessment as well as commercial real estate portfolio due diligence. Our company has well-established and strong relationships with both local and international companies. We can assist you in the negotiation process, meetings and introduction to banks for your real estate property needs.

Assessment of freehold or mortgaged property advisory services are available to you by breaking them down to assessment of interest agreed at the time of the loan and restructuring of the loan with better and beneficial terms for the holder and lower interest rates on existing.

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