We are experienced in providing the following services in:


We at EEEMM Investments, provide personalised real estate property advisory and management services to your needs. At EEEMM Investments, you can have your property portfolio managed by a team of trusted skilled and experienced professionals for your and your family’s best interest.

We always undertake to satisfy both your short-term as well as long-term plans and achieve your own targets based on your needs. Our utmost objective is to:

Maximise the return on your property portfolio investment
Manage your property efficiently
Maintain your property effectively for your own needs
Replace or reassess your property and present or offer alternatives
Our company can assist you in achieving the highest possible utilisation of your property portfolio. Your property portfolio is at the hands of trusted professionals ensuring the preservation and increase in its value.

EEEMM Investments is committed in providing quality of professional services to its local and foreign clients.

We are here to assist you in managing your property ensuring the highest standard by undertaking internal and external maintenance of your real estate property. From reliable general housekeeping and cleaning services to security services, EEEMM Investments provides practical solution for the prudent and overall management of your property.

The following list captures the overview of the services you can enjoy by having the management of your property with us:

Promotion and advertisement of your property
Assessment and location of potential tenants
Arrangement of viewings
Preparation of Legal Documentation i.. Rental Contracts/ Tenancy Agreements by established associate lawyers;
Holiday Rentals;
Rentals for specific period;
Collection of Rent and Down-Payments;
Deposit Rent to your Bank Accounts or your beneficiaries;
Reparations/ Renovation and Maintenance of your property, performed by highly trained, certified and trusted technicians and personnel;
Payments of all expenses and taxes of the property;
Communication and discussion for all outstanding issue;
Often visit to the rented property;
Arrangements for property insurances; Tenant management services in cases where the property is rented on a long-term basis i.e. oversight of the property acting as the point of contact for tenant and the owner
EEEMM Investment is in an excellent position to oversee all aspects and interests that are involved in the real estate, asset and portfolio.

We are structuring your plans always based on your portfolio of real estate properties and your specific needs.

Whether you intend to sell or exchange assets in return of increased value, we can perform a thorough personalised analysis of your portfolio and provide bespoke solutions that will maximise your investment.

At EEEMM Investment, we can advise on exchange of property component or whole transactions, within a wide range of options that are recognized as the most suitable for you with the utmost goal of preserving and increasing value. Our team of experience advisors can assess your specific situation and needs and help you in exchanging your property, by performing valuation of your property.

Our team can assist you in comprehensively evaluating your real estate property and provide you with efficient assistance in loan reviews and collateral assessment as well as commercial real estate portfolio due diligence. Our company has well-established and strong relationships with both local and international companies. We can assist you in the negotiation process, meetings and introduction to banks for your real estate property needs.

Assessment of freehold or mortgaged property advisory services are available to you by breaking them down to assessment of interest agreed at the time of the loan and restructuring of the loan with better and beneficial terms for the holder and lower interest rates on existing.


Affiliate Marketing & Promotion Agency include:

1.Drafting of affiliates that have substantial amount of collected for the fintech, financial and regulated market industries;

2.Affiliate data analysis on date processing that is stored after use by a device – “the raw data”;

3.Assessing and evaluating eligibility of stored data ensuring that collection was established through lawful means of communications;

4.Review data selected by personilised ads after use of cookies, personilsed content profile of data users, measure content performance to ensure that date relevant to the selected industry marker audience;

5.Assess data and compare the personal data collected to the profile of users and application of personilised means of communications in reaching the audience, (the clients);

6.All affiliates will work their marketing programs and operates through;

Information portals;
Price Comparison;
Product review sites;
Membership and voucher sites.
Within generally accepted principles with no violation protection ads.


a. Reviewing of Content Writing of the Client’s website and online campaigns to ensure compliance with rules and regulations.

b. Provision of professional advice and directions to the Client’s affiliates.

c. Provision of written necessary disclaimers and warning posts as per the provisions of the law and regulation that are applicable from time to time.

d. Provision on profession advise on branding and customer satisfaction.